Hi, I am Caroline and my work as a holistic nutritionist has seen me spend the past 15 years working in collaboration with local community groups, holistic doctors, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats. I have been fortunate enough to co-author a cookbook for children reflecting my nutrition philosophy, of using only wholefoods for good health and using these same whole plant based foods as medicine. I love presenting nutrition messages to an audience and I have been accused of being a rule-breaker, a communicator, a disruptor and I know I can translate the unintelligble into understandable health messages. I am committed to helping people prevent and reverse disease and I have a passion for helping others, particularly children, to achieve these outcomes.

My path to health and wellness has been moulded and influenced by poor health experiences. Suffering an irritable bowel, weight gain and chronic fatigue, I embarked on a path of discovery, research , exploration and ultimately fabulous health and am now a committed health advocate. Ultimately, I regained my vitality and health through dietary and lifestyle changes. I am utterly commited to helping others do the same. I am passionate about organic food and farming as the only sustainable way forward for the future in food security as well as good nutrition and love to get involved in local projects, supporting organic farmers and suppliers. You will often find me in a local organic market hanging out with farmers and foodies sharing the latest on superfoods, gut bugs, recipes and activating our nuts!

If you choose to experience a private consultation with me, a new perspective on diet and nutrition awaits as you examine your relationship with food and learn about true nourishment and optimal wellbeing. We will evaluate your eating patterns and food choices so that simple and practical strategies can be found to help you to discover a way of eating that is right for you.

I currently live on the Gold Coast, Queensland where I get to hang out on the beautiful beaches. I am available for private consultations, corporate and public seminars or keep up with me on Facebook Caroline Nutrition. I look forward to hearing from you.


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