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Is Your Digestion The New Battleground?

The majority of my clients have digestive issues.  There is nothing simple or comfortable about digestion woes, ranging from embarrassing gas to chronic bloating, pain in your abdomen and a story bigger than Ben Hur when it comes to toilet habits! Bowels that swing from constipation to diarrhoea to flat line!!

And that folks, is just the beginning.. many symptoms start slowly enough so we don’t really pay attention until we start to feel fatigued and notice our sugar cravings are out of control, but hang on, they have been crazy for ages, it is insidious how things creep up on us, like those extra five kilos that just appeared out of nowhere and stuck to our middle, so now we have a muffin top, and that is just not fair when you consider how much exercise we do..

It might surprise you to understand digestive issues are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to chronic disease. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, autoimmunity, cancer, arthritis can all be followed back to a reduction in our digestive health at some point.  This topic is huge and it is about time we got on top of it.  I recently met a client who has been putting up with an infection of Helicobacter pylori for 3 years ! Yes! And yes, when I asked her, she has horrid symptoms every day but the doctors could not seem to help her so she just knuckled down to get on with life using antacids, pain killers and the like. I am horrified, not just because medicine cannot handle chronic disease, but no one seems to understand the ramifications of having poor digestion for 3 years! Like, what is happening to B12 levels?  Did the doctor check ? I leave you to guess the answer to that question. A falling level of B12 over years can lead to a fatal condition, but no, no one checked…

Client stories like this one and many others have led me to this point and I want to present to you all, a special event starting in November, The Digestion Sessions, a FREE online summit of 24 experts discussing solutions to all our digestive woes and their connections to chronic disease, including many links to brain function, chronic fatigue, auto immune conditions and so much more.

I never use this space to flog you stuff, it always feels a little sordid to do that but, in this case, I want to declare that if you register AND buy the whole kit and caboodle of the Digestion Sessions, then I will receive a small commission which I will use to maintain this website so the information can continue to be free and I encourage you to share it with as many people as possible.

Owning this information could save your life or someone close to you.  Listening to it for FREE online will help to change your perception of health care and how we need to do it differently when it comes to health.  Here is the registration link:

You may need to cut and paste the link into your browser for it to work.

As always, I write these posts with your good health in mind, please share with as many of your tribe as possible so we can improve the health outcomes of those we love.  Wishing you rude with health,

Caroline x





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