Episode 0.0 : A podcast with Caroline.

It’s time to hear Caroline!

Podcast Cover ArtThe Podcast!

It’s time to hear what it’s all about and as someone who easily presents in person it’s time to get Caroline on the microphone with her own podcast, to tell the world about how to have the best that life has to give.

Caroline Scott is a holistic nutritionist with 20 years working in collaboration with community groups, doctors, naturopaths, chefs and health retreats along with hundreds of individual clients. A frequent presenter and popular speaker, Caroline is notorious for her direct and humorous delivery.

…and who is Ian anyway?

Ian Kath Podcast

Ian Kath

Ian Kath has a lifelong passion in staying fit & healthy giving him the very basic knowledge and general interest to be the person to ask the questions from an expert like Caroline.

In recent years Ian has fallen in love with the ease of production in the modern digital world, particularly for individual storytelling and podcasting. He already has two podcasts at Your Story and Create Your Life Story.

It’s about having a great life.

The list of topics for the podcast around health and nutrition is almost endless and with new, ongoing research it will continue to evolve. But the general themes we’ll be exploring include:

  • Nutrition – Where to find it and how your body uses it.
  • Food – Gathering, preparing and enjoying.
  • Health – Nutritional and other lifestyle impacts.
  • Action – What we can all do for a better life.

Fundamentally, the Caroline Nutrition podcast is about exploring the best circumstances for an individual, happy life. We will make the most of current and updated research.  We welcome your input and encourage you to share your burning health questions and issues with us via email.

Join us and listen to what we have to share, learn from Caroline’s vast personal experience and detailed study of the human condition and the way we can all live fuller, happier lives through holistic nutrition and lifestyle.

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