Episode 10 : Reversing Diabetes With The LCHF Diet.

A Diet To End All Diets?


Ok, so I’m being cheeky, I don’t really believe there is one single diet to suit every single human on this planet.  But I do believe there are things we humans should not be eating and that includes sugar, especially refined sugar.

Last episode we discussed sugar and its deleterious impact on human health.  We discussed its inflammatory potential, its potential for weight gain, metabolic syndrome leading to diabetes and even alzheimer’s.

Removing sugar from our diet is a reasonable and appropriate action to help improve health outcomes.  So what does this look like? Can we just abstain from the sugar bowl and stop ladling it into our hot beverages? Is it enough to cut out the obvious sugar we consume in lollies, chocolates and pastries?  Here again the latest research is showing us no, it is not enough.  In conjunction with removing sugar from our plates, we need to also reduce the insulin response in our body to the simple sugars that are created when we consume an excess of carbohydrate foods.  Hence, the low carbohydrate, healthy fat diet.  There are research labs all over the globe exploring this diet.   A low carb way of eating can reduce and reverse diabetes.  From both an economic and emotional point of view that is enormous.  And yet… here in Australia, we are not embracing this new science.  In fact, in Australia currently, we are punishing practitioners that suggest this very thing, that diabetes can be reduced and reversed using diet.

Responsibility for nutrition advice in Australia is a closely guarded privilege and the only anointed ones apparently, are dietitians, even doctors are not allowed to give nutrition advice as evidenced by the recent fracas involving Dr Gary Fettke in Tasmania being silenced and threatened with all sorts of professional misconduct if he so much as opens his mouth to warn his patients how to avoid having their limbs amputated using diet.  His story will confound you.

Diabetes is set to cost this country billions of health dollars, it is the biggest train crash on the horizon and no one is talking about it.  By reducing diabetic medication, the bills are reduced, it is that simple. If people were encouraged to follow a LCHF diet, they would lose weight and many would reverse their diabetic conditions, this would save us billions of dollars every year.  This alone makes the LCHF diet a sensible and beneficial model.

It is well and truly time for a paradigm shift in this country, we need to move from the current model of sickness to one of health and wellness.  We can start by improving the dietary guidelines to be based on solid science, removing all food industry influence from those guidelines.  Include nutrition training in the education of all health professionals, open centres based on nutrition coaching and cooking.  Educate our school children in nutrition and health, bring cooking back into the classroom.

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