Are You Sick And Tired Of Your Workforce Being Sick And Tired?

1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental health issues requiring time off work each year (ABS2013). Huge numbers of Australian workers turn up to work when in fact they are too unwell to be productive. Rates of diabetes and obesity are rising with diabetics requiring more time from work than non diabetics. 1 in 7 women report some form of irritable bowel disorder and whilst this may not necessarily lead to time off work, it most certainly adds to loss of production and an overall drop in health and motivation, ultimately creating a listless and sick workforce. All this sickness is costing us dearly. And yet… happy people report less sick time, less absentiism and more productivity. Now, who doesn’t want a happy, healthy workforce ?

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I am waiting to help you and your bottom line. I have seen this situation many times over and can’t wait to help your particular business increase its ethos, motivation and production to make it even more successful as you and I both know it should be. Using me as a health mentor for your work force on a regular basis will increase productivity, increase happiness and build a healthy culture that allows people to come to work, secure and unafraid of sickness, fatigue and poor health. But more than that, it will reduce absentiism and increase profit margins, now isn’t that something you would try?

Regular health seminars and workshops will address the health needs of your staff, create strategies and solutions for change and transformation in their lives. Personal consultations for your staff will answer their personal questions, correct and turn around poor health outcomes and create positive, lasting change towards a happier, healthier future.

Call me now and secure an initial appointment over the phone or in person to discuss the individual needs of your business and that of your staff and colleagues. Creating a personalised plan is the most effective way to deliver relevant strategies designed specifically to uplift, inform, inspire. All this inspiration leads to a happier, more successful company, so, what are you waiting for ?

Call now: 0404141714 or email to secure your business’s healthy future.


Health and prosperity should be the nexus of the shared aspiration of individual Australians, employers and government (Aust. Govt. 2013).

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