I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent lectures! Your knowledge and sense of humour makes them memorable for sure. And thanks for your weekly updates, they keep me reminded. Renée, NSW

After following your nutritional advice, I haven’t had a single episode of what I called my “dehydration” headaches…and there have been ample times when I know for sure that I would have had one! So thanks a million…it works and I feel so much better. I’m even eating better with loads of stuff from the cookbook ! Pete, QLD

It’s been a few weeks, so I thought I should let you know that I am having an absolutely wonderful time sourcing great food, cooking fabulous meals and after being more regular with exercise have been able to reduce my daily antacid medication. All other eating habits have become ‘mutch more bettera’ with constant referrals to your recommendations and the cookbook and I have to say I am enjoying every meal. Have not reverted to toast & jam for dinner once as there is sooooo much yummy food available. I have even dropped a few kilos. All in all I’m happy with my small transformation so far, I appreciate the information and advice you have provided. Dianne, VIC

I have stuck to the diet you suggested. I have rediscovered some fabulous foods. My follow-up blood tests show that all my unhealthy indicators have now fallen into the acceptable range and I have dropped 6kg from when I went into your program 5 weeks ago. My GP cannot understand how I managed to have a “Road to Damascus conversion” on health without him – but is pleased nonetheless. So, I intend to continue with the healthy food (I have rediscovered peppermint and ginger teas). Thank you for your assistance on this journey. Gavin, NSW

I’m still making our healthy snacks – banana & carob balls, raw date & almond slice, etc… It’s funny, we’re loving the simplest things, so simple, yet so nice! Something obviously agreed with our bodies in the 5 weeks or so following your eating plan because we are pregnant!! So exciting! We’re still really enjoying the more natural and organic (where possible here) food, it is making us feel so much better. Oh yeah, the man has lost about 9 kg as well. He’s fading away! Not really. But he’s doing really well. The good eating, and exercise a few times a week is doing great things. For both of us ! Thanks !! You’re awesome !! Kylee, WA

My sister and I were floating on air when we arrived home and it has lasted. I am remembering about looking after myself. I am feeling much better on the beautiful diet you suggested. I am quietly adamant that this is the way I will live the rest of my life. There is no doubt that I look better too i.e my skin. Thank you for your inspiration and advice. Roe, VIC

After our visit to your Feast of Nutrition program, we are armed with cookery books, shopping lists, and a great deal of enthusiasm! I am learning a lot -quickly. My daughter has asked me to tell you that she has already lost three kilos, (she looks good and feels terrific – all positive stuff.) You are a legend in her eyes, so thank you VERY much. We are on a roll..!. Tricia, VIC

I found the information and meal plan you gave me to be an invaluable tool and have mostly stuck to it and certainly use it as a guide on a daily basis – I have continued to lose weight and am happy. I feel much better with more energy and much more comfortable in my skin and clothes!! Thank you for your help and encouragement. Linda, VIC

I thought I would email you to let you know that I thought the nutritionist made a huge difference for me, and all the girls that came with me really got a lot out of the talk. Caroline helped us realise we could be doing things better, and there is a whole lot more that we can learn about our bodies and how we feed it. Rachel, NSW

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